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Five Tips: How to Create a Winning Podcast

The response has been swift and enthusiastic. As an experienced brand marketer, I have been on the forefront of many marketing trends. Earlier this year, however, I began experimenting with podcasts. Because I understand the demands on our professional time, I was determined to make the podcasts short (less than seven minutes) and still provide valuable, actionable content.

Five Tips To Make Your Career Website Stand Out

Your career website is your company’s window into its culture and work environment. Are you using this powerful recruitment tool to make a striking first impression? In today’s hyper competitive talent market, it’s critical to have a career website that is fresh, dynamic, engaging and tells prospective employees why this is a great place to work.

Four Steps to Building an Employer Brand

A good salary and benefit package aren’t enough anymore. Current and prospective employees want to contribute to the big picture and belong to an organization with values that match their own. They want to understand the culture and how they fit into it. Tall order?...

OWN It: What You Need to Know About Workplace Culture

Who owns your workplace culture? Frequently, this is the elephant in the room. Leaders aren’t leading. Investors and board members don't get the real picture. Hiring managers don't respect their teams. Employees tell Glassdoor and Indeed about what it’s really like to...