Many of us are looking forward to closing the door on 2020 and leaving uncertainties behind. What will 2021 bring? How will we rally our organizations around renewed hope and purpose?

Although some challenges will follow us into 2021, there is an opportunity for us to re-energize our organizations through community building and connectedness.

The past year taught us that the ways we worked and managed workforces in the past will not be the only path forward. To build our organization for the future, we need to find ways to bring people in, allowing them to be co-architects of their communities and co-authors of their organization’s story.

Connections create a path to recovery, healing, reconciliation and renewal. Individual and organizational connectedness also is a path to building more meaning and defining a purpose that unifies.

As we intensify our focus on connectedness, it will be more important than ever to communicate with authenticity and transparency, making it personal by telling your story through real faces and voices.

Our hope for the year ahead is to share a collection of short, real workplace stories that will convey connectedness. It will be about people connected through a common purpose, aligned around goals of service to clients and collaborators, including colleagues, investors and the community. This encompasses what leaders and organizations should be thinking about and planning for in the year ahead.

In the book that we co-authored a few years ago, Power Partners, we interviewed 22 business leaders from around the world on the organizational brand. In 2021 we will use digital channels to bring you stories from business thought leaders on how they will employ connectedness to achieve their goals. The work will be thoughtful, real and caring.

We welcome your ideas and hope to give you a glimpse of what people at all levels, in all types of organizations, are doing to bring people together through connectedness. We are excited to share this work with you in the year ahead.


Pat Nazemetz & Will Ruch