A good salary and benefit package aren’t enough anymore.

Current and prospective employees want to contribute to the big picture and belong to an organization with values that match their own. They want to understand the culture and how they fit into it.

Tall order? You bet.

That’s where employer brand comes into play. A strong employer brand helps companies compete for and retain the best talent. Employees join and stay when the company’s mission, vision and values align with their beliefs.

Defining and activating an employer brand is a four-step process:

1. Find out what others – internally and externally – think about your work environment and culture. Review employee surveys, conduct focus groups, talk to employees who left. Identify the themes and figure out where there are perception gaps.

2. Build a road map. Once you’ve defined – and refined – your employer brand, develop core messaging around what makes your company a great place to work.

3. Activate an integrated communications plan that serves as a guiding force within your organization and also reaches a targeted external audience.

4. Measure how the employer branding efforts impact retention and recruitment over time. Adjust to keep your employer brand compelling and relevant to employees and job candidates.

Employer branding efforts are most effective when the messaging comes from real people telling real stories. This strategy – also known as branding from the inside out – captures the passion of your top employees. This authentic enthusiasm for your company and its culture is contagious. If you would like to learn more about building and activating a strong employer brand, contact Versant at info@versantsolutions.com or Will Ruch at 414-436-3100.