Who owns your workplace culture? Frequently, this is the elephant in the room.

Leaders aren’t leading. Investors and board members don’t get the real picture. Hiring managers don’t respect their teams. Employees tell Glassdoor and Indeed about what it’s really like to work there.

Workplace culture is about fostering the values, beliefs and behaviors that inspire people to do great work. You have to own it. And, it’s more important today than ever before.

Think about Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of the now defunct Theranos. It all seemed so exciting. Unfortunately for the investors, there is an important take-away: A successful organization must own its culture, including placing a high value on honesty and integrity.

Workplace culture is a key principle when developing a workplace brand.

Employer Branding is the process of creating, owning and promoting your unique workplace. A strong employer brand helps organizations acquire and retain the talent needed to meet business goals. When creating your workplace brand, here are 3 important considerations:

    1. Define your optimal organizational culture.
    2. If your current and optimal cultures aren’t in sync, be responsible for changing it.
    3. Once your optimal culture is in place, be vocal and communicate that culture internally and externally.

Hy Pomerance, chief talent officer at the global law firm Cleary Gottlieb, developed OWN It early in his career. Even then, he was a human resources visionary. Today, the message is just – or even more – relevant.

Watch how collaboration and business results improve when you define, own and promote your distinct workplace culture. Watch the elephant in the room disappear.