The response has been swift and enthusiastic.

As an experienced brand marketer, I have been on the forefront of many marketing trends. Earlier this year, however, I began experimenting with podcasts. Because I understand the demands on our professional time, I was determined to make the podcasts short (less than seven minutes) and still provide valuable, actionable content.

The podcast, Ruch Riffs, is about employer branding. I interview industry experts discussing today’s top employer brand topics in this fast-paced format. I am amazed at the response. Telvin Jeffries, a well-known executive coach and former Kohl’s Corp. Chief Human Resources Officer, commented: “Less than 6 mins. Great format, Will!”   

The podcasts work because they showcase all things human as clients tell their workplace culture story. Let me share five additional learnings:

  1. Keep it short but informative. Everyone is busy.
  2. Make it conversational. Listeners retain a memorable story.
  3. Use the latest technology so that the podcasts can be conducted remotely. There is no studio required.
  4. Distribute the podcasts through email, LinkedIn, podcast channels and other social media. A multi-faceted distribution strategy helps get the word out.
  5. Have fun with the interviews. The podcast format is great for lively, upbeat conversation.

With the right equipment and a good editor, podcasts are an incredibly affordable, effective way to tell the employer brand story to current and prospective employees. You can listen to examples of our podcast on our website (link in the comment section below). And, watch for our newest podcast – available next week. I interviewed Kelly Kauffman, Chief Human Capital Officer for the Milwaukee Bucks, and can’t wait to share the conversation with you.