As the influencer marketing market grows exponentially – exceeding $5 billion by 2023 according to one consulting firm – ensuring your efforts stand out in a crowded field is always an enormous hurdle.

More content. More messages. Ever-greater competition to reach a precise audience.

You know influencer marketing is the most effective way to create a bond with viewers to your company. Viewers believe in a trusted influencer more than generic spokespeople.

How can your influencer-backed message reach the right people – and do it efficiently?

‘SmartBoost’ is the answer. The SmartBoost tool enables you and your company to realize the full potential of great content.  It dramatically amplifies the reach of your message, pinpointing prospects at the same time.

It’s a process you could do directly on Facebook or Instagram if you want it to be harder and slower – with worse results.  That’s why AI beats ‘HI’ (human intelligence) for challenges like this.

SmartBoost is software created by Lumanu, a San Francisco-based start-up with a strong foothold in Milwaukee.

SmartBoost uses machine learning to analyze who’s seeing, liking and commenting on your influencer posts. Then by recognizing the unique properties of your message, it ‘boosts’ the message out to as many as 100 times the number in the original audience.

“’SmartBoost’ helps you reach the right people at scale,” says Tony Tran, co-founder and CEO of Lumanu. He’s a graduate of the Milwaukee-based Gener8tor’s 2016 ‘bootcamp’ for emerging companies.

SmartBoost ensures more of the ‘right’ people see the content. And it’s proprietary to campaigns developed by our Smart Influencer consulting team.

​We’ve used SmartBoost in social media video programs for multiple clients across the Milwaukee market. We know from results that it generates greater reach and engagement at a lower cost per thousand.

“It’s really impactful for us, as we can use SmartBoost to optimize across content, which makes us more efficient,” explains our partner Lisa Haynes of Inside Media Partners.

For example: five individual pieces of content were created for one client and boosted on Facebook using SmartBoost. The tool analyzed reach and engagement metrics and learned which piece of content performed the best.  SmartBoost then automatically allocated the budget to the top performer.

Investors see the potential in SmartBoost, too. Lumanu has already received over $1 million in its seed funding round last Spring. It counts corporate clients like Harley-Davidson and Unilever in its roster.

Our Smart Influencer team has been working with SmartBoost and the Lumanu team since early 2017 and is the first and only Milwaukee area SmartBoost provider.

Contact us and let us to make SmartBoost work for you: Lisa Haynes of Inside Media Partners (, Elizabeth Brenner of Brenner Consulting ( or Will Ruch of Versant (