Vonage: Employer Brand and Targeted Recruiting Campaigns

What if…

…Your company needed a cultural make-over from comfortable to cutting edge market disruptor to reflect its new vision, markets and technology…

… and needed to retain top talent from domestic and international acquisitions?

… and needed targeted recruiting campaigns for key functions?

… right now?

What if? Becomes Reality

That was the challenge Vonage presented to Versant. Once a market disruptor, Vonage had become a mainstream player. Its new CEO wanted to re-ignite its “disruptor” heritage and transform Vonage into a cloud communications leader.  He and the CHRO needed to get this message to current employees, acquired talent and candidates.

By combining the authentic, shared experiences that employees value, and the aspirational vision and values from leadership and early adopters, Versant created a dynamic employer brand that captures the leading edge thinking and behaviors that will propel Vonage to new markets. 

Once the overarching Vonage employer brand was defined, Versant drilled down into the data from interviews, feedback sessions and e-surveys to understand and capture the value proposition for “right fit” Vonage employees.  The “is.. is not” assessment was used to created targeted recruiting campaigns for three high-need functions through a toolkit that helps recruiters and managers identify candidates (and employees) who are a “right fit” for Vonage’s culture, values and vision.

What If? Becomes Wow!

Vonage now has an employer brand with a persona that captures the new and dynamic vision of its CEO.  Targeted recruiting campaigns take the employer brand into practice, helping Vonage raise and position its profile with “right fit” candidates.  

(Due to the proprietary nature of this Employer Brand, all work samples cannot be shown. To view some, visit their careers page.)