Ed Somers, Shorehaven's CEO, discusses the pre-sale of Shorehaven's soon-to-be apartments.

Shorehaven Catered Living Apartments Pre-sale: “Live New” Campaign

What if…

… a senior living campus needed to sell its new apartments prior to breaking ground on the project?

What if? Becomes Reality

That was our challenge with Shorehaven, a well-respected senior community that had just approved a $30 million expansion project to build 47 new senior apartments on its lakeside campus.

Shorehaven engaged Versant to help pre-sell the new units, an interesting challenge given that promotion and advertising would begin before the first shovel broke ground on the project. But we took the challenge, employing a multi-phase program using research-based strategy, creative design and effective advertising tactics to ensure success.

In Phase 1 (Discovery), Versant identified the unique advantages and benefits of pre-buying a unit by probing potential buyers about their needs and expectations. We conducted focus groups, several group feedback sessions and one-on-one interviews with seniors, their families and community members.

In Phase 2 (Tactics), Versant’s creatives took what we learned during the Discovery phase and put it to work. We extended the successful “Live New” campaign theme through five targeted TV spots and a collection print collateral materials. These elements created high awareness and compelled our primary and secondary audiences (seniors and their families) to contact Shorehaven for additional information.

The TV spots featured Shorehaven brand ambassadors, key leadership (CEO), community members, residents, and members of the architectural team.

The print collateral consisted of a six-panel folder that contained floor plans, unit plans and a full campus map. This folder is the key selling tool used by the Shorehaven’s Housing Manager during meetings with prospective buyers.

What If? Becomes Wow!

Shorehaven exceeded its pre-sale target with 20 of the 47 units sold in only one month. 

Interior of Shorehaven's 6-panel brochure.

Interior of Shorehaven's 6-panel brochure.