Plunkett Raysich Architects: Recruitment Marketing

What if… architecture firm needed to hire a significant number of talented staff to respond to a significant increase in client work, in two months? 

What if? Becomes Reality

That was our challenge with Plunkett Raysich Architects (PRA), a multi-faceted architecture firm. 

Versant, partnering with PRA, developed a strategic recruitment marketing package to bring the PRA workplace experience to life and show WHY talent joins PRA - and stays. Using a variety of formats and media, the package provides a "behind-the-scenes" look at the people and culture at PRA through a video series, still companion pieces and a brochure. 

The video series is anchored by “This is PRA life” a long-format video capturing an overview of what it is like to work at PRA. Nine shorter videos, targeted to accommodate the online attention span, focus to desirable and distinct aspects of PRA life. All videos are unscripted and showcase the faces and voices of PRA team members. The videos anchor PRA’s Careers Page, and are used in presentations, recruiting campaigns and targeted communication to candidates.

Accompanying the videos are video-still companion lifts, great for social media and print marketing, as well as a print-on-demand brochure for events and in-person candidate meetings.   

What If? Becomes Wow!

Since production in December 2015 and campaign launch in early January 2016, PRA has successfully recruited 43% of its targeted immediate hiring needs. PRA now has a cohesive package of recruiting materials that captures PRA's distinctive, authentic advantages, and accelerates recruiting and candidate acceptance. These videos also give PRA an advantage with recruiting recent and upcoming college graduates as short videos appeal to that demographic.

“Increased business demanded more great workers and new ways for us to recruit in the tight talent market. Versant worked with us and helped us achieve our hiring goals.” Dave Raysich, Managing Partner, PRA