Ngage is a disruptive platform compiling both real-time & external data inputs to deliver companies never-before-available & actionable employee engagement data to achieve real business results. With a mobile-first strategy we are driving value through the consumerization of the enterprise.


Combines mobile (real-time), diagnostics (solve the problem), open-source data (big data) predictive analytics and confidentiality (confidence) into scientifically valid & simple platform for actionable management results. 




Business leaders know that 71% of all U.S. workers are chronically disengaged, which hurts productivity, increases turnover, and lowers end customer satisfaction. employee surveys aimed at addressing these challenges have failed to deliver insights that are pragmatic, timely, and actionable. as human capital continues it’s assentation to a critical success factor within all companies, a venue to stay connected with, monitor & improve business results with employees is in high demand. 

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